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    • $139.99 for Complete CTX Training Kit ($209.99 Value)

HOW’S IT WORK? Simply strap on. The CTX is designed to provide resistance while lengthening and strengthening your muscles with your every function natural movement.

WHERE WILL I SEE RESULTS? CTX increases superior and effective gains in your core stability, strength, lean muscle mass, explosive power, balance, cardio, muscle endurance and agility.

WHY IS IT BETTER? CTX cuts your normal athletic training, fitness, adventure and leisure time in half. The “VERSATILITY” of the CTX is “UNMATCHED”. For multi-sport athletes, this CTX can be used to train and be used as you skill specific train for your sport. It’s your train-anywhere-at-any-time fitness center, sports performance facility, and rehab therapy in a bag. CTX is easy to assemble, use, store and pack. CTX accommodates your training schedule and travel plans.

INCLUDES: CTX draw string bag with two pockets, backside breathable mesh, front side enclosed zipper, two ankle wraps, two wrist wraps, four 14-inch AGILE SKIN covered cords, and one waist wrap belt. Waist wrap belts are available in small, medium, large and x-large; 20 lb. cords standard resistance strength. Waist wrap belt includes 6 adjustable anchor connection loops to connect AGILE SKIN cords. Adjustable anchor connection loops allow for greater or less resistance as it accommodates both shorter and taller individuals.

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The CTX or Cross Training Xperience is a first-of-its-kind kit that allows you to train at the speed of fitness, sport, rehab, leisure and adventure; combining full body resistance. With the kit, you'll be able to performa natural movement patterns without any restrictions. For the fitness enthusiast and athletes who are looking to take their functional performance to new heights, without any weighted load on their joints, the CTX is the perfect system.

The CTX works as an outer body musculoskeletal resistance shell that mimics the human anatomy. Its versatility is unparrelel; allowing you to participate in all on-court sports, field sports, mat sports, fitness classes. It can also be used on the slopes, for gardening, trail walking/running, hiking, rock climbing, long distance running, leisure walks, olympic lifting training, sprinting, kick boxing, mixed martial arts, boxing, yoga, gymnastics, mat pilates and much more.


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